SS 24 Zona Trópica

Emotions of the nocturne jungle. 

By night, the jungle awakes. Sounds intensify, deepness grows, and eyes emerge from the shadows in a ritual that is both physical and mystical; the mysterious sensuality of the rainforest becomes the inspiration for Balkanica’s new collection. 

Zona Trópica reinterprets the sensations that arise from the Peruvian Amazon and proposes a sensory journey: just as humidity, sweat, colors and scents of this amazing portion of nature are felt intensely with all the senses, these new garments are felt in the skin and tell a visual story.

Elegant and timeless shapes, trademarks of the brand, make way for more organic, sensual and always elegant forms. Unveiling a performative and dynamic essence, the collection includes reversible pieces, as well as an elastic veins system that allows for adjustment and change and alludes to the river's slopes. Each garment is a celebration of the pleasure and wellness that comes with being comfortable with oneself, in total harmony. 

Zona Trópica introduces its new iconic print: a geometrical duality that finds its perfect balance between the abstract and the figurative. 

This print evokes a fantastic world of flora and fauna that invites in a sensorial journey. The palette is rich and deep with tones that penetrate the heart of wild nature. 

Balkanica’s new collection acknowledges the world’s healing process, the time for rebirth. We believe that the rainforest appears is the best example of regeneration and resilience: it’s the bearer of an ancestral, cultural and universal energy that connects with the brand’s contemporary vision.

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