Solar II


It all started with a ray of light. Yellow, intense, mesmerizing. The Solar Collection was born from color: an iconic dijon that praises the sun in its splendor. A star that doesn’t blind but wraps you and reveals all those hues that emerge around.

Thus, Solar is arranged in two palettes, through a chromatic language that expresses itself in solid surfaces and prints, statement lines and patterns, texture and temperature. On one hand, bright, high-contrast, enthusiastic colors; on the other one, more subtle, cold tones. Just like the perfect complement to a summer day is a breezy night, or like the boreal lights encounter the warmth of the south, these two palettes complete each other and shape one striking visual universe.

Solar introduces a solid color-blocking code that turns around minimalism with an interesting eye for detail, texture and flow. At the same time, it stays true to the brand’s core love for bold prints, with a series of exclusively designed patterns that evoke the Peruvian culture and landscape, ancestrally related to the worship of nature.

The Solar Collection embodies Balkanica’s main references and inspirations: there they are those Pre-Hispanic symbols that shape our South American esthetics; the modernist and sophisticated vision of textile design pioneers like Elena Izcue and Silvia von Hagen; the current sensibility expressed in music, visual arts, architecture and design. And, probably above all, the wisdom of nature, which feeds our minds and souls.



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